Flirting for Regular Guys Who Don’t Host Talk Shows

Listen up, laddies! It’s me, Famous Scottish Talk Show Guy, here to share some secrets on how even a regular bloke like yourself can unleash their inner charming flirt.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “But wait, you’re a famous comedian and talk show host. You’ve got writers feeding you lines and gorgeous celebrities paid to come on and flirt with you!” Well, let me let you in on a little secret…that’s all a bunch of poppycock!

The real reason I was able to create such a fun, flirtatious vibe on my show night after night came down to some simple habits and mindsets that anyone can adopt. Shall we review them?

First up, you’ve got to greet the lassies (or laddies) with energy and positivity oozing out of you. Give them a wee compliment but really lean into it. Don’t just say “You look nice today.” No no, hit them with “Why you’re looking absolutely resplendent this evening!” Said with a big smile and a wink, of course.

From there, you’ll want to keep that playful banter going with some light teasing. Poke fun at yourself as much as you poke fun at them. Can’t go wrong with a self-deprecating quip about your age, hairline or physique.

But every now and then, veer off into the completely absurd and nonsensical. Embrace your inner weirdo! Maybe compare her name to a species of woodland creature. Or just blurt out something random about the mating habits of sea turtles. Whatever nonsense pops into your head – go for it!

If you’re feeling bold and picking up on a flirtatious vibe, don’t be afraid to steer that bus into some suggestive territory through well-timed innuendos. Misinterpret an innocent comment she makes and give it a risque alternative spin. That’s how you find out if she’s a rogue willing to play along down that naughty path!

Throughout all this, be mindful of your physicality. Slouch back, avoid any looming. You’re the cool, comfortable, charismatic one here, not an awkward try-hard. If she leans in, you can risk a light touch on the arm or shoulder, but read them signs, lads!
Oh, and don’t panic if there’s a wee lull in conversation. Silence can be a powerful thing when harnessed correctly. Stretch it out, let it get awkward, then pounce with another zinger!

Most importantly, you need to flirt with everyone – your da, the Queen, the checkout lad at the grocers. Why? Because it keeps that charismatic flirtatious energy fresh and hard to deny when you do turn it on with someone you proper fancy!

There you have it – a masterclass in confidence, quick wits and personal charm straight from a former king of late night himself. Will it still work now that I’m a washed up old sea dog with a podcast? Well why don’t you give these tips a try and be the judge of that!






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